Perpetua servitus.

Day into night, sugar into salt.

Are you willing to accept the 'Faustian Contract', and sell your soul to the devil?


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'One cannot trust their beloved’, said the spider to the fly.

'True love is a notion, a surge of chemicals and flared nerves. Only humans suffer from this basic, crippling affliction.'

{Such a devastating blow, ripping a hole in this pathetic little reality.}

Children are taught of their princes and princesses, those pristine imaginary figures who will hide them from all the horrors of this godforsaken world. Asinine.

They do not exist. Every creature on this unusual little planet is injected with cruelty, selfishness, the seven deadly sins that demons spilled into the very fabric of the earth. It is an inescapable fact.

What good would it do to lie to his little master, the boy who screamed for him in the middle of the night? His fear was necessary, something that should never be suppressed…—

Claude may have been greedy, gluttonous, yet these truths spilled from his lips like drops of molten gold.

Humans had no reason to hide from him and ilk, their world was dangerous enough. Monotonous, terrifying and painful.

Perhaps, truly, the devil was saving Alois Trancy from a fate worse than death.

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I am the hate you try to hide,
and I control you.
— Nine inch nails (via hyungnnim)
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Ely Cathedral - Cambridgeshire by Nick Garrod 

Edit: Tales of the Night Whisperer

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Anonymous inquired:

your master loves you, you know.

How foolish. This ‘love’ of his is nothing more than a chemical imbalance..— An infliction, if you will. Emotions such as these are all fleeting and unnecessary, a sign of weakness in the eyes of greater beings.”

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                                         Death is not kind.

                                 It’s dark,

                       black as far as you can see,

                                          and you’re all alone.

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Anonymous inquired:

why do you hate Sebastian so much?

"One should not pry into another’s affairs."

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