Perpetua servitus.

Day into night, sugar into salt.

Are you willing to accept the 'Faustian Contract', and sell your soul to the devil?

Anonymous inquired:

aah it's okay. I really missed you, by the way! welcome back!

[ooc;; Goodness me. Thank you very much, you lovely person.]

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Anonymous inquired:

Would you be so kind to share your playlist, pretty please?

[ooc;; Gosh, I’m afraid I can’t remember some of them but one is the ‘La la’ song from American Horror Story: Coven and one is the music box from Silent Hill 2. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. ]

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"even if the eternal sadness take you, promise that our hearts will never be separated.." Kuroshitsuji II opening Shiver.

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Anonymous inquired:

Welcome back, Claude. You are greatly missed.

..— I suppose I should thank you for your kindness.

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[ooc;; A lot of stuff happened. Some good, some bad, but I’m back. Hello again everyone.]

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don’т тнeιr ѕcreaмѕ,

мaĸe a вeaυтιғυl нarмony?

                                                                      I could listen to them all day.

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The web By sicolan

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